The historical background and the landscape plunged in the green are fascinating and enriched by natural materials – bricks, stones, tile floors, girders. The suggestions of the past and the original impressiveness are palpable. The building takes on an ideal and nearly abstract dimension, which respect the fundamental rules of refinement. The objects, the finishings and all the details identify themselves in the exclusive style of the club house : the result is the comfortable feeling and the pleasant sensations you get during the period of the staying. The main room of the club house is the circle’s heart, where players meet and tell about the best strokes of the day while tasting together a glass of good wine.


Дизайн студия «Джиэльти»
Москва, Мичуринский проспект, 22
300 метров от метро «Раменки»

+7 (985) 210–08–85
+7 (499) 739–33–03
+7 (499) 739–32–57

Ежедневно: с 10:00 до 20:00
Воскресенье: с 12:00 до 17:00