A bright atmosphere characterized by strong signs of Italian classsic architecture. A romantic and fascinating revival of decorations and carvings, frames and rosette, columns and other ornamental emblems. An authentic dream to live: from one side all the richness of classic shapes, on the other side the best capacity to design and arrange the spaces with the most technologic kitchen’s functions. Nowadays it is always important the research of new solutions that permit to have a certain comfort on the use of the various functions of the kitchen. The technical competence is always evolving nding out new solutions and new standards, sometime very exceptional.


Дизайн студия «Джиэльти»
Москва, Мичуринский проспект, 22
300 метров от метро «Раменки»

+7 (985) 210–08–85
+7 (499) 739–33–03
+7 (499) 739–32–57

Ежедневно: с 10:00 до 20:00
Воскресенье: с 12:00 до 17:00